EZ-Retriever® IR System

EZ-Retriever® IR System

About EZ-Retriever® IR

The EZ-Retriever® IR System is a microwave-based pretreatment and antigen retrieval system invented by BioGenex. This system is used for dewaxing, rehydration, and antigen retrieval of FFPE tissue sections to enhance exposure of antigenic epitopes.

All-in-One fully automated slide staining system

from microtome to slides ready for scanning & analysis using cell profiler, the likes. It is designed to automate any manual slide based (FFPE, FF & CTC samples) assay protocol with intense, reproducible, consistent staining.

ParametersEZ-RT (MW015-IR)EZ-RT (MW016-IR)
Slide capacity96 Slides96 Slides
Oven capacity30L34L
Operating voltage230 V AC, 50Hz110 V AC, 60Hz
Microwave power5 x 1 L1550 W
Dimensions (D/W/H)24″ X 16” X 12”23″ X 18” X 13”
Weight46.3 lbs / 21kg46.3 lbs / 21kg

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The EZ – Retriever® IR System is a microwave-based antigen retrieval system

Deparaffinization, Rehydration