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Welcome to our Help Center!

Welcome to our Help Center!

This is the place to come when you need assistance with any aspect of our product or service. Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties, have questions about how to use a particular feature, or just need some general guidance, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find a wealth of information to help you navigate through various topics and challenges.

Just before starting the run.

Standard positively charged coated slides

FFPE tissues, Fresh frozen tissue, pap smears and cell smudges can be used with Omicsveu kits

4 Liters

1 Litre each x 5 Carboys

NanoVIP 100 is a fully automated staining instrument with 10 slides capacity.

2ul – 180ul

The process of sample fixation can lead to protein cross-linking, which masks antigens and can restrict antigen-antibody binding. Antigen retrieval enables an antibody to access the target protein within the tissue.

Ambient – 105⁰C

Deparaffinization, Rehydration


ImmunoPlex and miRFISH assay kits come with a pack size of 20 tests each.

The EZ – Retriever® IR System is a microwave-based antigen retrieval system

1 ImmunoPlex 2 miRFISH 3 eFISH 4 In Situ Sequencing 5 Genotyping & Phenotyping

1 Enzymatic/proteolytic antigen retrieval 2 Heat-induced antigen retrieval method.


NanoVIP and EZ Retriever – IR


1 rack X 24 vials

10 Individual protocols can be performed in one single run on NanoVIP 100

Yes, fluorescent microscope with specific filters depending upon fluorescent colors that the customer is using for their study.

No, you can fill only the required buffer carboys.

Yes, NanoVIP is fully automated system with open software which allows third party reagents also

Yes, 2ml insert vials can be used.

You can use alcohol on the instrument. We do not recommend use of Xylene on automation.