About NanoVIP®

The NanoVIP® software is intuitive and easy-to-use which creates and stores user-defined protocols with unparalleled capabilities.

All-in-One fully automated slide staining system

from microtome to slides ready for scanning & analysis using cell profiler, the likes. It is designed to automate any manual slide based (FFPE, FF & CTC samples) assay protocol with intense, reproducible, consistent staining.

AutomationFull (backing through final clearing)
Slide capacity10 slides
Reagent capacity24 reagents vials
Reagent vial capacity10 mL
Bulk reagent carboy & capacity5 x 1 L
Waste container & capacity1 x 4 L
Slide sensingOpen
Reagent sensingOpen
Reagent dispense volumes10-180 µL
Reagent dispenserPipette tips
Slide temperature range25-105 °C
ConfigurationTable mounted
ProtocolsOpen template
Operating temperature25-105 °C
Operating humidity15%-55% RH
Operating voltage115/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz, 550 W
Dimensions (D/W/H)20″ x 30″ x 20″
Weight106 lb/48 Kg

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Yes, 2ml insert vials can be used.

Yes, NanoVIP is fully automated system with open software which allows third party reagents also

10 Individual protocols can be performed in one single run on NanoVIP 100

1 rack X 24 vials




Ambient – 105⁰C

2ul – 180ul

NanoVIP 100 is a fully automated staining instrument with 10 slides capacity.

1 Litre each x 5 Carboys

4 Liters

Standard positively charged coated slides