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Omicsveu Is pleased to introduce Advanced Fully Automated Spatial Biology System

Blog: Omicsveu Is pleased to introduce Advanced Fully Automated Spatial Biology System

Omicsveu, a multiplex multiomics spatial biology company, proudly announces unveiling of an advanced spatial biology system. This innovative technology promises to accelerate Spatial Multiplex Multiomics research.

The cornerstone of Omicsveu’s breakthrough lies in its spatial biology multiplex multiomics system, integrated state-of-the-art fully automated staining system- NanoVIP® encompassing five innovative technologies. This high-precision sophisticated system allows for the simultaneous localization of high-resolution genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics. Multifaceted technologies play a pivotal role in scrutinizing the diverse cellular compositions and biomarkers within tumor microenvironment.

“Comprehensive characterization of the cellular and molecular architecture within tumor microenvironments yields valuable insights. This meticulous analysis enables the identification of novel cancer-associated genomic and proteomic biomarkers, significantly accelerating the discovery and development of cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.” said Dr. Krishan Kalra, CEO of Omicsveu.

Omicsveu offers a set of tools that include fully automated spatial multi-omics slide staining protocols:
RNAveu – detection of mRNA by using uniquely labeled fluorophore-tagged barcoded probes.
Phenoveu – multiplexed immunofluorescence technique that simultaneously detects multiple biomarkers in a single section of FFPE tissue.
miRNAveu spatial location of miRNA sequences.
Genotyping and Phenotyping – co-localization of proteins, mRNA and miRNA
In situ sequencing– to identify the presence and spatial location of mRNA sequences

These five multi-omics tools offer extensive multiplexing capabilities, featuring a fully automated All-in-One NanoVIP® instrument.
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Fully automated NanoVIP® protocols have been developed for commercially available spatial biology assays like Hyperion™, Opal™, and RNAscope™ which don’t require highly skilled manpower or long training cycle with the following additional benefits:
• Reduced hands-on time
• Reduced reagent cost
• Reduced total assay time

Download NanoVIP Application Brochure:

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