ImmunoPlex, A Sequential Immunofluorescence System Provides Insights Into The Tumor Microenvironment

Infographic Transcript

ImmunoPlex, a sequential immunofluorescence system provides insights into the tumor microenvironment

ImmunoPlex assay, a multiplex immunofluorescence system provides simultaneous detection of multiple protein biomarkers in a single tissue section. OmicsVeu offers ImmunoPlex DNA Barcode antibodies along with optimized ready-to-use kits for the simultaneous detection of 40 to 60 biomarkers in single tissue sections.

OmicsVeu’s ImmunoPlex is designed for translational researchers to reveal high-end protein signature profiles while preserving morphology with a low turnaround time for immuno-oncology applications.

  • OmicsVeu offers high-temperature stripping technology, preservers morphology, and supports up to 60 iterations on the same slide.
  • Our wide range of oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies with the fluorophore-conjugated complementary strand gives intense, crisp, reliable, and consistent results.
  • Our system produces results with more than 4 fluorophores in every run.
  • NanoVIP® automates ImmunoPlex protocol in a wide range of samples including FFPE tissues with minimum hands-on time.