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The Spatial Multiplex Multiomics Company

Experience an accelerated pace of multiplex Spatial Biology with cutting edge technologies and automation.
Introducing our fully automated multiplexing Spatial Biology solutions.






Genotyping u0026 Phenotyping

Genotyping & Phenotyping

In Situ Sequencing

Our Mission

Accelerate u003cbu003eprecision medicineu003c/bu003e by making it affordable and accessible through innovative technologies to help u003cbu003eimprove disease outcomeu003c/bu003e.

Our Spatial Biology technologies for your research needs

Phenoveu Transcriptomics and Phenomics In Situ Sequencing RNAveu miRNAveu

Our Phenoveu (multiplex IF) technology allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple protein biomarkers using the same tissue section.

Our Transcriptomics and Phenomics technology allows for the co-detection of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) and protein in the same tissue section.

Our In situ Sequencing technology allows you to examine location of target mRNA sequences along with changes in single base pair mutations at the tissue and single cell level.

Our RNAveu technology allows for detection of mRNA expression in your sample with sub-micron level accuracy by using uniquely labeled fluorophore-tagged barcoded probes.

Our miRNAveu technology allows for detection of target miRNA expression and can be combined with other technologies such as RNAveu and Phenoveu.

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Adrian Smith

We are very impressed with the instrument (and the support!), and I'm excited to see what our researchers at Sydney Cytometry will do with it!

Adrian Smith, Technical Director at Sydney Cytometry (Centenary Institute and The University of Sydney)

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