EZ-Retriever® IR System

EZ-Retriever® IR Microwave System All-in-One All-at-Once

The EZ-Retriever® IR System is a microwave-based pretreatment and antigen retrieval system invented by BioGenex. This system is used for dewaxing, rehydration, and antigen retrieval of FFPE tissue sections to enhance exposure of antigenic epitopes. This system resolves the issues of inconsistency due to different types of antigen retrieval methods with varying maximum microwave power levels, solution volumes, and heating time. It facilitates the standardization of dewaxing and antigen retrieval protocols to produce high quality and reproducible stains. It is also user-friendly and high throughput (96 slides in 30 minutes). Boiling FFPE tissue sections in buffer, such as citrate, EDTA, or Tris, break the methylene bridges formed during fixation and help in recovering the masked epitopes. When used in conjunction with the EZ-AR™ Elegance retrieval solutions, it includes standardized protocols for antigen retrieval.


Parameters EZ-RT (MW015-IR) EZ-RT (MW016-IR)
Slide capacity 96 Slides 96 Slides
Oven capacity 30L 34L
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50Hz 110 V AC, 60Hz
Microwave power 1500 W 1550 W
Dimensions (D/W/H) 24″ X 16” X 12” 23″ X 18” X 13”
Weight 46.3 lbs / 21kg 46.3 lbs / 21kg