Accelerate The Pace Of Spatial Multi-omics Profiling With Genotyping & Phenotyping

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Accelerate The Pace Of Spatial Multi-omics Profiling

For precise, accurate & clear insight to connect Genotype to Phenotype

OmicsVeu offers Genotyping & Phenotyping system consisting of optimized protocols, ready-to-use reagents & fully automated NanoVIP® instrument for the co-localization of protein-miRNA-DNA-mRNA.

NanoVIP® is an open system for the automation of any slide-based manual assay without any limitations. OmicsVeu NanoVIP®, an all-in-one plug-n-play automation, is the game changer in the world of fully automated spatial multi-omics systems for speeding up the research & development of new diagnostic modalities.

Proteomics & Genomics profiling elucidates precisely tumor microenvironment. An automated spatial multi-omics system for co-localization of Genotyping & Phenotyping provides cutting-edge solutions to understand the microenvironment with minimum hands-on time.

  • OmicsVeu, a pioneer in Genotyping & Phenotyping technology enables researchers to enhance & upgrade their understanding of tumor biology.
  • OmicsVeu provides a simple, reliable & easy-to-use method for the co-detection of protein-RNA-DNA-miRNA by the sequential use of immunofluorescence (IF) & fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) methodologies.
  • OmicsVeu helps generate enormous high-end multiplexing data sets.