OmicsVeu Spatial Biology Grant Program

Open for discovery and translational labs to Accelerate the Pace of Spatial Biology Research

OmicsVeu, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioGenex, develops technologies to accelerate the spatial biology research with NanoVIP® All-in-One automated tissue strainer along with ready-to-use reagents and kits for ImmunoPlexmiRFISHeFISHGenotyping & Phenotyping approach and In Situ Sequencing technique. 

OmicsVeu is happy to announce the Spatial Biology Grant Program, 2022, which aims to provide access to spatial multi-omics research in every laboratory and break current barriers. The grant program supports the company’s mission of making spatial biology research affordable and mainstream in every spatial biology laboratory.

Grant Reward:

The winning awardee will receive extended research support in the following manner:

  • OmicsVeu provides research support through the placement of NanoVIP® for 4 months, along with 50 test kits & related reagents free of cost.
  • If the awardee wishes to publish an abstract as an oral presentation, OmicsVeu will provide extended research support and travel grants (USD 1,500) to present the abstract at a designated international/national conference.
  • If the awardee wishes to publish an original research article (Impact Factor >10) in a tenure of about 6 to 9 months, OmicsVeu will provide extended research support by supplying NanoVIP® free of cost.

Terms and conditions:

  • Research projects are welcome from any scientific research field, such as Oncology, Immunology, and Neurology background with spatial multi-omics context.
  • The research proposal limit is 3,000 words.
  • Review articles will not be considered.
  • Selection will be based on the impact of the research proposal on the scientific research society.

If you have any questions regarding the Grant Program, don’t hesitate to contact us here:

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